Jimmy Choo for H&M – what do you think?


I normally don’t think much of designer/high street collaborations. They always tend to be a bit of a disappointment to me, but … not this one. This one, of course, is the Jimmy Choo for H&M line. It’s set to go on sale on November 14th, and I’m already cursing the fact that my local branch of H&M has no chance whatsoever of being included in the release.

Prices for this collection range from 40 – 200 euros, and I actually think this is a pretty good interpretation of Jimmy Choo’s current style, albeit at a much more affordable price. The high ankles are something the Choo label has been doing a lot this season, and the first pair of shoes you’ll see under the jump are very similar to the orange and black Choos I showed you back in May:


I wouldn’t have paid “normal” Jimmy Choo prices for these, but at H&M prices, I could be convinced…


It wouldn’t be a 2009 shoe collection without a pair of thigh high boots…

jimmy choo red sandals

Love these.


The studded flats will probably be the least expensive shoes in this collection, and could be good value for money. I like.


As well as the shoes, there’s also a limited range of accessories, including belts and wallets. You can expect all of this to sell out instantly, though, and turn up later on eBay for twice the price.

So: will you be buying?


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