The Shoes from the Shows: Chanel Spring/Summer 2010

chanel-shoes-spring-2010It’s hard to concentrate on the shoes here, because I’m finding myself distracted by what’s on the models legs. I mean, what IS that? Are they tights, or is it some sort of makeup? I’m not sure, but in the case of the picture on the far right, it looks a lot like the model went out in the sun in shoes that wind up the legs, and ended up with some interesting tan lines. Hmm.

Anyway, onto the shoes. This is an eclectic bunch: I hate the clumpiness of the clogs, and I’m not particularly sold on the “unicorn horn” heel that showed up on a couple of different styles in this show, ether. As for the shoes in the middle, they’re my favourites of the bunch but I’d need to see them in close-up to know for sure whether I actually like them or not.

What do you think?


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