Rupert Sanderson PVC-trimmed leather sandals

Rupert Sanderson PVC-trimmed leather sandals

Rupert Sanderson PVC-trimmed leather sandals, £845

If you’re anything like me, these shoes probably aren’t quite what you were expecting when you read the words ‘PVC-trimmed’ sandals, are they? In this case, though, the PVC isn’t the clear plastic we’re used to seeing on shoes of this description: it’s the little pink petals around the strap, which transform these from ordinary leather sandals, into something with a whole lot more impact.

I like these, but I have to admit, I wish the upper was a little fancier. Don’t get me wrong, I love the pale, camel leather, which would be perfect for a summer’s day. It doesn’t look quite right to me wit the petals, though, so if the leather was metallic (rose gold would be amazing), or even white, I think I’d like these even more. Something else I like from the latest selection at Net-a-Porter is this little Fendi bag:

green FEndi mini bag

It’s too tiny to hold much more than my phone and keys, but that hasn’t stopped me before when it comes to handbags, and if I had the money for this one (Which I most definitely do not, sadly), I wouldn’t let it stop me now, either.

I also really like this Jenny Packham top:

floral top by Jenny Packham

This might look a bit much on its own, but Net-a-Porter have styled it with a simple white maxi skirt, which makes it look really stunning : of course, it would also work with trousers and other types of skirt, which might help you justify the astronomical price tag. Or maybe not.

Finally, I really wish this dress was a little bit longer:

pink cherry print dress

In saying that, it actually doesn’t make a difference to me, because even if it was the right length, I still wouldn’t be able to afford it. It’s too pretty to be ignored, though, so I’m showing it to you now in the hope that it’s both the right length AND the right price for someone else…

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