ASOS ‘Prissy’ two tone wedge pumps

ASOS 'Prissy' two tone wedge pumps

ASOS ‘Prissy’ two tone wedge pumps, £50

It was love at first sight when I found these shoes in the ASOS ‘new in’ section yesterday. I’d probably lose the ankle strap as soon as I unboxed them (It looks to me like it’s probably removable, but it wouldn’t be a deal-breaker if it isn’t), and when I did, I’d be left with exactly the kind of shoe I love, from the tan and black colourway to the comfortable wedge heel.

Some other points to note about these: first there’s the contrast between the patent toe and leather upper. Then there’s the toe: it’s not quite almond, but it’s not quite pointed, either – or, at least, not so pointed that it looks dated. Instead, it strikes the perfect balance between modern and classic, and actually, that pretty much sums up the whole shoe, don’t you think?

These are just £50, which tells you that they’re not real leather, but which also puts them into a much lower price bracket than they’d occupy if they were. And they might not be leather, but I think these look more expensive than they are: they’re not quite as nice in the other available options, which include black and gold and snakeprint, but they’re definitely worth a look if you like the basic style.

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    • I’ve never actually had that happen, but if it did, I would probably either remove the other one and wear them without (With the shoes I have that have this kind of ankle strap, I’ve found that the strap doesn’t actually make any difference to what the shoe feels like on, so you can wear them with or without), or if I really felt they needed a strap, I would probably buy some ribbon in a colour that matched the shoe, and use that instead, for a slightly different look. If you really want new straps, though, I would imagine a shoe repair shop might be able to find/make you some?

  • Ankle straps and wedges are two of my favorites things. They can make a “daring” shoe comfortable.

    You covered budget basics on Forever Amber and useless basics on the Fashion Police. I’d love to know what shoes you think are indispensable or that you think every woman should at least try out or which shoes you’d pick if you could only have 5 pairs… you get the idea. 🙂

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