Friday Fix: Christian Louboutin Jenny Colorblock Slingback

Christian Louboutin Jenny pink colourblock slingbacks

My search for today’s Friday Fix was one of the quickest ever in the history of this site: these ‘Jenny’ slingbacks were the first pair of shoes that popped up in the Christian Louboutin section at Neiman Marcus, and I knew I need look no further, because it was love at first sight!

This is actually quite unusual for me, because despite all of the pink shoes I showed you last month, it’s not usually my first choice of colour. These are just so unapologetically PINK, though, that it’s hard not to love them, and the elegant shape is also stunning. That’s not to say that people won’r repeatedly compare you to Barbie when you wear them, of course, but I’d live with that if it meant getting to wear the shoes!

These are $945: click here to buy them from Neiman Marcus.


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