The £10 pair of shoes you just might love

bow front jelly ballet flats

Love Sole jelly ballet flats, £10

Looking for a last-minute emergency stocking filler for someone who loves shoes? Just feel like treating yourself? (Well, if you’ve completed your Christmas shopping, it’s only fair you get to reward yourself, isn’t it?)

These little Love Sole flats are just £10 – and if you don’t love them, well, they certainly seem to love you: just look at that little heart!

Hearts AND bows make these almost irresistible to me, but I’m also a sucker for a jelly upper, as my regular readers will know. A lot of people sneer at this, but I find jelly shoes hugely practical in our typically damp Scottish climate. It’s not warm enough for ballet flats at the moment, but when spring rolls around, I swear by shoes like these for walks with the dog, and other outdoor activities with a chance of rain (so, that’ll be ALL outdoor activities, then….). If these are anything like the Mel flats they appear to be inspired by, they should be pretty comfortable (Yes, jelly shoes can make your feet sweat a little more than usual, but these have a fairly low vamp and profile, meaning your feet won’t be totally encased in them…), and they’re also totally waterproof, which is the big attraction for me. I got sick of wasting pretty shoes in wet weather, and love the fact that my jelly shoes wipe clean, and are hard-wearing enough to get through a lotof walks with the dog, without looking any the worse for wear.

Cute enough to wear for activities that don’t require purely practical footwear too, these would look super cute with a prom style dress, but will work just as well with a pair of jeans and a sweater – they’re so sweet they’ll brighten up absolutely anything!


  • For a barefoot feel in shoes, jelly ballet flats fit the occasion. They are more of an unsupportive type of foot coverings, similar to the ones found in shoes like flip-flops, but they have a dressier look.

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