Charlotte Olympia “Etta” polka dot bow shoes

Charlotte Olympia "Etta" polka dot bow shoes

Charlotte Olympia “Etta” polka dot bow shoes

I know some  of my readers aren’t big Charlotte Olympia fans, and while I AM a fan, I can definitely see how some of the styles this brand produces could be a little bit much for certain tastes. Here, though, are a pair of shoes which, OK, still might not be to everyone’s taste (There’s no such thing as a universally appealing shoe, though, is there? Or anything else, for that matter?), but which is, at least, a little more wearable than some of the other Charlotte Olympia styles I’ve featured. There’s no giant platform, for one thing, and no real “novelty” features – there’s not even a super-high heel… all of which combines to mean I might not even have recognised these as being by Charlotte Olympia if I hadn’t been on the brand’s own website when I found them.

Instead all of that, then, there’s just a simple, classic court shoe, with a pointed toe, a bow on the toe, and a very bold, polka dot print on the upper. Now, I realise that the print is where I might lose some of you  here: like I said, nothing’s ever going to appeal to everyone, after all, and it IS a pretty bold print. It just so happens, however, to be a print I love, and which I’m always drawn to, wherever I find it. Shoes, skirts, dresses, trousers – I have polka dot versions of all of them, and I always enjoy wearing those polka pieces, which help make my day just a little bit brighter. I’m sure I’d say the same about these shoes, if I were to try them, and you never know: you might, too. So, while my budget won’t stretch to Charlotte Olympia prices, unfortunately, if yours does, and you share my love of dots, give them a go, and don’t forget to come back and tell me what you thought!

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