Would you wear these Charlotte Olympia shoes?

Charlotte Olympia 'Fiesta' fringe wedge shoes

Charlotte Olympia ‘Fiesta’ wedges, $1295

My ‘Unusual Shoes Tuesday’ feature rather fell by the wayside towards the end of 2014, but a new year is a good time to start a new habit – or to revive an old one, as the case may be!

This year, instead of showing you unusual shoes every Tuesday, I’m simply going to feature them whenever I come across them, and I’m starting off (on a Tuesday, as it happens!) with the absolute queen of unusual shoes: Charlotte Olympia.

These shoes are called ‘Fiesta’, and they’re all dressed up with their multicoloured wedge heel, which just so happens to be fashioned from a whole lot of fringe.

For me, the most interesting thing about this shoe is the fact that the sandal on top of the wedge is so totally different from the heel its attached to, that it looks like it belongs on a different shoe altogether. Whereas the fringed heel is as “out there” as a heel gets, the sandal is actually very classic – and rather beautiful, too.

Would you wear these shoes? I’ll admit to wanting to try them on – or at least to SEE them on – if only to be able to watch the way the fringes move when you walk in them. I’m imagining a lot of colour, movement and fun – so I guess these shoes are appropriately named, if nothing else!

What they’re NOT, however, is appropriately PRICED. Of course, affordability is all relative, but $1,295 represents a serious shoe investment for me, and if I WAS going to spend that amount of money, it definitely wouldn’t be on what I’d definitely class as “novelty” shoes.

One woman’s novelty shoe, however, could be another woman’s closet staple, so if you think you’d get enough wear out of these to justify the price, you’ll find them at Neiman Marcus: and I’d love to hear how you plan to style them!

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  • Happy New Year Amber!

    Noooo. I will not buy the rainbow fringe for that prize although the upper is rather tempting. somehow l can’t see myself eating cereal for a month just for these.

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