Blue and red suede ‘Wiggle’ slingbacks from Dune

This is a good example of one of those times when I find a pair of shoes and think to myself “Why have these not been on Shoeperwoman yet? WHY?”

It’s also one of those times where I show you a  beautiful pair of shoes and then say, “Oh, by the way, these are almost sold out now, sorry.” Don’t despair though, my lovelies, because while they are, indeed, almost sold out online, I always find you have a much better chance of finding items in-store at sale time (and as some of you with very long memories may recall from this post, I’ve found Dune to be super-helpful in the past about tracking down specific shoes, so it’s always worth a go.)

As for the shoes themselves, I’m really finding myself drawn to closed-toe slingbacks at the moment, because they’re great transitional styles, and can work with bare legs in the summer and a pair of tights in the winter. The colours this style comes in are also guaranteed to get me searching for my wallet (which I’m actually going to ask Shoeperman to hide for me, to avoid situations like this), so the only question that remains would be which colour to choose.

Which would you go for?

(Click here to view these on the Dune website.)


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