Charles Jourdan ‘Helina’ patent pumps

pink patent pumps red patent stilettos

Charles Jourdan court shoes, £278.99

I tend to describe point-toe pumps as “classic”, and while that word certainly describes the shape of these shoes, the bright, patent uppers make sure these are definitely not your regular courts: and unlike most shoes which meet this description, they’re probably not the kind of thing you’d wear to the office either. (Well, unless your office happens to be a much more fun place than any of the ones I’ve ever worked in.)

Actually, I think the patent uppers and colour choice here gives these shoes a bit of an 80s vibe. This is particularly true of the bright pink pair, which could’ve stepped right out of a Cindy Lauper video, but the red version is also a bit of a throwback: I know the models in Robert Palmer’s ‘Addicted to Love’ video wore black pumps, not red ones, but that’s what these shoes make me think of anyway!

In addition to the colours, these shoes are also notable due to the triangular insert under the heel, which gives them a more angular appearance. I’d actually prefer the shape without it, because my preference has always been for curved shapes rather than square ones, but it certainly adds another point of interest, to set these apart from all of the other pointed pumps out there right now.

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  • I love these! I wanted to buy them when I first show them, but they were too expensive. I like the pink version better, but I’d probably go with the red ones. Pinks are too Barbie-like for me. 😛

  • I quite like the shape! Red would definitely be my colour.

    It’s funny, in my head Charles Jourdan is akin to Louboutin or Jimmy Choo, but in reality I know next to nothing about the brand. Never seen in Australia.

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