Topshop Antler2 pinstud pointed boots

Topshop Antler2 boots

Topshop Antler2 boots

Topshop Antler2 boots, £70

I’m a little bit obsessed with pale-coloured boots right now. They have the obvious disadvantage of being not-exactly-practical in bad weather (and around here, if it wasn’t for the bad weather, we wouldn’t have any weather at all), but they also have the not-quite-so-obvious advantage of being the perfect colour to match all of the equally pale, pastel shades of clothes I’ve been wearing.

This winter, you see, I’ve made a resolution to try NOT to resort to my usual uniform of blacks and greys, and to continue wearing the soft, pale shades I loved so much in summer. That hasn’t been a problem in terms of clothes, and I’ve found plenty of warm winter outfits in the colours I love, but it has made footwear problematic. Black or brown boots just look too heavy if you’re wearing cream or mint trousers, and it’ll soon be too cold for many of my shoes, so the search has been on for some pale boots I can wear instead.

These Antler2 boots by Topshop aren’t quite what I’m looking for, because I was hoping to track down something beige or “nude”, rather than grey. They’re almost there, though, and I like the little gold studs, which dress them up without being too “eveningy”. Yes, it’s a word.

If you’re NOT in search of light-coloured boots ,however, these also come in black, although  those studs look a lot more dressy against the darker background, which might make them a little harder to style for casual wear.

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