Miss Selfridge ‘Eden’: gold flat sandals

gold flat sandals

Miss Selfridge ‘Eden’ flat sandals, £25

I’ve never been a fan of flat sandals. I can certainly see the usefulness of them, but almost every pair I see remind me of children’s shoes, and they just don’t seem a great fit for my style, so while many people view them as summer shoe staples, I’ve always pretty much ignored them. I remember once, when I’d just started this blog, I wrote a post about the shoes I’d be taking on holiday with me, and at least one person was absolutely horrified that I wasn’t taking any flat sandals with me: the fact was, though, I don’t actually own any flat sandals (and don’t think I’ve EVER owned any: or not since I was a child, anyway), so I couldn’t have packed a pair even if I’d wanted to.

Lately, however, I’ve been having a bit of a change of heart on the subject of flat sandals. I still think a lot of them look very childish, but I’ve managed to find a few pairs that don’t, and these ‘Eden’ flats, by Miss Selfridge, are one of them. These come in gold, tan and black, and have a woven upper, an open toe, and a very small heel. They’re never going to be the most elegant shoes out there, but I think they’re actually quite stylish, and just the thing for a long day of sightseeing in the sun. And at £25, I may even buy a pair myself: once I’ve narrowed it down between the gold and tan versions, that is…

Here’s how I’d wear them:

flat sandals and stripe dress

Flat sandals and stripe dress:

♥  Miss Selfridge striped bardot dress   ♥   Kate Spade crossbody bag   ♥  Linda Farrow sunglasses   ♥  Marc Jacobs watch 


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