Chie Mihara Catame Bow Rosette Heeled Shoe

As proof that not all bow-embellished shoes have to look fussy and frilly, these black Chie Mihara heels have a rather “sensible” (if a 4″ heel, which is what this claims to be, can ever be called “sensible”, that is), sturdy shape, which somehow manages to work really well with the profusion of bows which sit on top of it.

Those bows are worth taking a closer look at:

Wouldn’t you love to look down and see those on a dull day in the office?

Ordinarily, a shoe with three bows on each foot would fall firmly into “party shoe” category, but I think these would work just about anywhere. If you want to put that theory to the test, they’re £235 at ASOS: click here to buy them.


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