BooHoo ‘Kate’ crown embellished stripe flats

nautical stripe ballet flats with red bow and crown

BooHoo ‘Kate’ crown embellished stripe flats, £8

BooHoo isn’t a site I visit very often, but I found myself there last week, and my attention was quickly caught by these little nautical-style flats. These are called ‘Kate’, presumably after the Duchess of Cambridge, which explains the crown detail on the bow, although not necessarily the stripy upper.

I love these as much as I love almost ANY shoe with stripes (Well, within reason: I should probably stop saying things like that, because I AM just a little more discerning than my love of stripes suggests!), but it was actually their close resemblance to Schuh’s Crown Bow pumps that stood out to me most:

stripe court shoes with red bow

OK, so one is a flat and one is a heeled platform, but the patterns are identical, right down to the red bow and diamanté crown. Coincidence? Made in the same factory? Blatant, er, “inspiration”? I have no idea. What I DO know, however, is that you can find the flats here and the heels here, although the latter has been around for a while, so is sold out in some sizes. (Shoeper tip: I’ve purchased from Schuh’s eBay store a couple of times now, and have got a bargain each time: always worth a look!)

I like both, but what about you? Which do you prefer?


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