Penny Loves Kenny ‘Bekah’ nautical wedge loafers

blue loafer with red and white stripe wedge heel

yellow boat shoe with stripe wedge heel

Penny Loves Kenny ‘Bekah’ nautical wedge loafers, $89.99

Sticking with the nautical theme from my last post (Well, it IS almost Spring, after all), it doesn’t really get much more “nautical” than these ‘Bekah’ wedges by Penny Loves Kenny, does it?

These contain three different “nautical” elements, all crammed into one wedge shoe. There’s the deck shoe on top, the rope sole at the bottom, and, of course, that bold stripe wedge. These would be absolutely useless on an ACTUAL boat, obviously, but the “Ahoy, sailor” theme is very apparent, especially in the red and blue colourway at the top.

Despite my fondness for all things nautical, I actually don’t love these. (See, I told you I could be more picky than you might think!) I like the IDEA of them, but the colours are too bright (especially the yellow on the second version), and it’s just all a bit too much for me, although I’m sure there’s someone out there who could look fantastic in these.

Is that person you? Well, you won’t have to pay too much to find out, at least: these are $89.99 and you can find them at

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