Brightly coloured ankle boots from Zara

Zara ankle boots

Of all of the different types of footwear I buy, boots are the ones I struggle with most. Sure, they’re practical, and they can be stylish, but a lot of the time they’re also, well, a bit boring, really. And I’m always surprised that, given all of the different colours and patterns designers use on shoes, when it comes to boots, most will simply stick to brown or black, which isn’t exactly inspiring.

Not Zara, though. These heeled ankle boots come in bright red and equally bright purple, and are almost guaranteed to cheer up even the dullest of days. As well as the colour, though, I also like the chunky heels on these, which should make them fairly comfortable to walk in. If you’d like to put that theory to the test, they’re $99 and you can click here to buy them from Zara.

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  • I don’t know that I’d wear them, but I really like the concept! That purple (which looks pink to me) is instantly appealing.

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