Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 8: The Colour Purple

What: Topshop Barley 2 boots
When: Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011
Where: Errands in town
With: Purple pencil skirt, ASOS; black turtleneck, New Look; sunglasses, eBay; bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs (c/o Shopbop)

No, readers, your eyes do not deceive you: it’s officially Spring, and here I am in high boots and a turtleneck sweater. Woe is me!

Actually, the situation isn’t quite as dire as I’d imagined when I got dressed this morning, because when I got outside I discovered it wasn’t actually nearly as cold as it’s been up until now: I didn’t have to resort to the winter coat I’d brought along “just in case”, and there were even some moments of gorgeous sunshine – hence the sunglasses. A change is coming, folks. And even if it’s not coming to the weather, it’s most definitely coming to my wardrobe: I probably won’t have time for it this weekend, but at some point before the end of the month, I’m going to set aside some time for The Great Bi-Annual Wardrobe Switchover, and get all of my Spring/Summer stuff out of the attic. I realise that by tempting fate in this way, I will probably just guarantee us all some snow, so sorry about that, but I just can’t take any more winter. I keep looking at the photos of my fellow Challengettes, and other bloggers, all with bare legs and gorgeous, summery dresses, and I feel like there’s a party going on that I haven’t been invited to. Boo!

Anyway, now that I’ve got that quick bit of whining out of the way, here is Shoe Challenge 8, featuring my Topshop Barley 2 boots:

I’ve worn these boots almost constantly since I bought them. I actually can’t imagine how I’m going to cope NEXT winter, when I realise I’ve already eliminated my favourite boots from the challenge, and will have to try to force myself into all of those other pairs of boots which have been sadly neglected since these came along. Still, I’m hoping these will be the last pair of boots you’ll see me in for a while. We can but hope…

I have this ASOS skirt – or a variation of it – in four different colours now. You could say I’m a fan. Or, of course, you could just say I’m a shopaholic, your choice.

I discovered this little graffiti-covered amphitheatre when I was out running last year. Our town is full of odd little things like this, all tucked away where you’d least expect them. I don’t remember this one ever being used for anything, but then, I’ve only lived here for a few years, and I think this dates back to when the town was built, in the 60s.

Some more photos, all courtesy of Terry:

And that, my friends, should hopefully be the last Shoe Challenge of this winter. Cross your fingers for me…



  • “I keep looking at the photos of my fellow Challengettes, and other bloggers, all with bare legs and gorgeous, summery dresses, and I feel like there’s a party going on that I haven’t been invited to. Boo!”

    I feel with you, Amber! But don’t forget: A lot of them are on the other side of the world, where it’s autumn right now. In a few short weeks THEY will be in boots and coats and envy US for our beautiful summery dresses. Don’t worry, our time will come! *hugs*

    Again, it’s a very nice outfit you picked for this challenge.
    And I really like your current haircut. Don’t let anybody tell you that the fringe doesn’t suit you! It’s very fitting for your retro-inspired style.

    • Thanks, Moni – I’m getting used to the fringe now, to the point where I actually quite like it: the problem with that, though, is that it’s just reached the stage where it needs a bit of a trim, and I can’t stand the thought of having to go to the salon every few weeks to do it: aaargh!

  • I get the whole lusting over summer dresses others are wearing, for the first time I want to wear pretty dresses now. But the weather has been getting better (thank God) this time last week I was wrapped up in a winter coat and yesterday I sat eating lunch outside in the sunshine, I’m still unsure of whether it is changing or it’s just a one off week.
    I love the boots, I see why you love them so much ^^

    • Yeah, the unpredictability of this time of year is really hard to dress for! It’s been just as cold as it was in December/January, up until today, which is why I went out with boots and coat, thinking I’d freeze! It was actually fairly warm, though, so long may it continue πŸ™‚

  • Fantastic pictures, you look amazing as usual! I loved the whole outfit, the color of the skirt is great, but as I am a boots’ lover, I simply looooved yours! And by the way, you look gorgeous with the fringe – and to trim it alone is easy… I go to the hairdresser every month, but I don’t allow anybody to touch my fringe… you’ll learn it!

    • Thank you sweetie πŸ™‚ I think I will probably succumb to the temptation to trim it myself – I’m just too stingy to want to go to the hairdresser every few weeks, and my hair grows really fast, so it would literally be every 3 weeks or so if I want to keep it the way it is! It’s just a matter of plucking up the courage to venture near my hair with scissors again…

      • Amber, I don’t know about your salon but it’s worth checking out if they do a free fringe trim. My sister is a hairdresser and she does it for anyone whose hair she cuts, and my salon offers it too (I had a fringe a few years back) It might be a bit of a faff to go in and get it done, but it might not cost you anything!

        On another note, I love your outfit and the location you chose for the photos is amazing. You are so beautiful – I hope it doesn’t sound internet-stalkerish to say that I love it when you post photos of yourself, it’s always such a visual treat.

        • Oh, thank you so much – I always think the same about yours!

          As for the hair, to be honest, it’s more the faff and the salon-phobia of it that will stop me going back for a while. I’d have to go every couple of weeks or so and I’m just too lazy, unfortunately, so it’ll have to grow!

  • You look absolutely gorgeous, as ever. I just love your classy sort of retro style. You remind me of a movie star πŸ™‚

  • You hair looks great, and I love that skirt and the boots!
    You should be able to get a fringe trim for free if you go back to the place that cut your hair last time. Phone them and check, but most hairdressers will do fringe maintenance for free.

    • I will do anything to avoid the hairdresser, unfortunately – I’d rather just let it grow out than have to keep going back every few weeks, even if it was free!

  • The first time I cut my fringe (which already existed but needed a trim) I was shaking. I’m in France atm so i didn’t really fancy having to explain what I wanted done. Now I do it myself every few weeks without many problems. Just need some sharp scissors, a good comb, steady hands and an eye for a straight line. It’s a real pain to have to keep on top of it, but I suit a fringe more than being without it so it’s the price I pay…

  • I love the colours in these photos, and I think your hairstyle is so pretty! It’s summer (well, technically autumn, but you wouldn’t know it from the heat) here, and I’m actually kind of looking forward to wearing my boots when it gets a bit cooler, but I don’t have any as nice as these!

  • You could ask your mum to trim the fringe for you. She might be good at it! I love those boots (and in fact the whole outfit) but I never realised they were such high heels!

  • We just got 8 inches/20 centimetres of snow in Toronto, so I slightly resent your good fortune! But the boots and the photos are lovely and the bangs are very flattering! I have bangs too though so I will have to say they are indeed very high-maintenance and it can be VERY frustrating.

  • Love the boots, love the shirt, love purple and, I too, love your fringe. It makes me want to do it myself actually but I suspect you have thicker hair than I do. A trick on fringe maintenance a friend of mine uses is to go to a barber instead of a salon where they will a) do exactly what they are told to do and no more and b) only change a few quid.

  • I love this outfit, purple is my favourite colour but I don’t wear enough of it nowadays. I wish I had the figure to wear pencil skirts-love it. It’s so simple and classic πŸ™‚ I too love seeing your outfits and you always look great. I wish I had your classy style but the crazy in me always wins πŸ˜‰ I love seeing your shoe collection. I am fed up with boots but I only have boots or 2 pairs of ballet flats at the mo’ (which i’ve already saved).I’m looking forward to wearing more spring clothes and ‘saving’ my more exciting shoes (i have a vast range of colours!) πŸ™‚

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