Shoeper Shoe Challenge Week 8 Roundup

We’re already into Week 9, but here’s the Shoeper Shoe Challenge Week 8 Roundup! Again, my apologies for the lateness of this post: I know you all go to a lot of trouble to get your wonderful photos to me every week, and I hate to have let you down last week, but That Which Shall Not Be Mentioned kinda took over, unfortunately!

Still, that was last week: today we’re back on track, and I’m happy to announce the late arrival of the delayed Week 8 Shoe Challenge Roundup. This is a pet-tastic edition of the Shoe Challenge (no, I can’t quite believe I said that either…), because in addition to Veronika’s now legendary pet piggie, we also get a glimpse of Sara’s cat, being taken for a walk. I particularly love it when Challengettes include photos of their pets etc in their photos – it appeals to the super-nosey side of my nature. (And also to the part which would secretly quite like to live on a farm, but keep all the animals as pets..)

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos this week: enjoy!


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