Shoeper Shoe Challenge Week 9 Roundup

No Shoe Challenge from me this week, I’m afraid, for obvious reasons. I promise I am still wearing shoes. Most of the time, anyway. OK, some of the time. Not right this second, as it happens, but some day I’m sure I’ll get back to normal life and normal footwear. Fingers crossed, anyway.

Luckily The Challengettes (Anyone else think that sounds like a Motown band from the 70s? Want to start one? I’m up for it if you are!) have risen to the challenge once again, and it’s lovely to see the summery outfits start to appear from the Northern Hemisphere Challengettes, while you Southern Hemisphere girls are still gamely hanging in there too!

Anyway, enough rambling from me: here are the Challengettes!

(P.S. Because of everything that’s been happening, I’m way behind with email etc. I’m doing my best to keep the site updated, but if you’ve emailed me with requests to help you find shoes etc, it may take me a while to get back to you – I promise I will, though!)


  • Fantastic! Nice outfits and shoes! Can you believe I’m so confused by my last exam (thaaaaank Gooood, the word “last” never sounded so sweet!) that I was thinking for a considerable part of the afternoon, whether I sent you the only pair I managed to save this week or not? I thought “oh no, I didn’t”… but I wasn’t that confused at the time, thank God I did and there I am! Ooof! 🙂

  • Thanks everybody for all these beautiful photos and outfits!
    I had run a bit out of ideas in the last weeks, because almost all of my winter/all year shoes have already been saved and it’s not yet warm enough to bring out the summery ones.
    But now I’ve gotten some new ideas, so be prepared… 🙂

  • Hi There,
    I did send you an email but now that I read your note you are behind I will also comment here. I no longer could comment on the sign-up post page anymore and wanted to find out if it is too late to join. Just found out about your blog and this challange.
    Also, if I did start late would I be able to count the shoes I have worn since mid February? I have full outfit shots of them since I do a daily outfit post for my blog.
    Please let me know. Thank you.

    • Hi, I’m really sorry, but I’m not accepting new participants at the moment: as I indicated in the post, all of my time is currently being taken up with the legal issues we’ve found ourselves embroiled in, and to be honest I’m struggling to keep up with the participants we already have at the moment. I’m really sorry for any dissapointment: I may open open comments on the sign-up post at some point later in the year if I have more time, but I’m just not able to do that at the moment – I hope you understand.

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