Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 60: Black (and pink) Friday

What: Pink Dorothy Perkins t-bars
When: Monday, November 22nd, 2010
Where: Working and visiting the in-laws in the evening
With: Polka dot skirt (eBay); turtleneck sweater (New Look); bow belt (New Look), pink tights (no idea)

I’m not sure how many of you will actually be around today, as opposed to off recovering from Thanksgiving dinners or shopping up a Black Friday storm, so this is just a very quick Shoe Challenge post, and the title is actually a little misleading, because this outfit is from Monday, rather than Friday. What’s a few days between friends, though?

These are the pink t-bars I got for £10 in the Dorothy Perkins sale back at the start of this year: I’m particularly fond of the animal print insole…

This outfit was completely unplanned: I’d actually forgotten I even owned this skirt until I found it tucked away at the back of the wardrobe on Monday morning. Well, when I find something I’d forgotten I had, I obviously have to wear it rightthatveryday, so I set to work “wintering” it up with tights and turtleneck. I don’t like wearing head-to-toe black too often because it’s just too severe against my pale skin, so I figured a pop of colour was what was needed, and although these shoes look like a slightly different colour from the tights in these photos, it’s just because of the flash – they’re a near-perfect match in real life, which made them the obvious choice.

I took loads of photos for this challenge, but… these were pretty much the only ones in which I didn’t have my eyes closed (seriously, I swear I have some kind of freaky condition that makes my eyes close as soon as the shutter does), so that’s all for this one! Actually, no, wait, I have one more photo, which shows that, as well as being the landmark 60th post (60! I’m almost done!), this challenge also means that I’ve now “saved” the contents of two full shoe shelves:

I’ve no idea why this pleases me, because I still have 15 pairs to get through (although, to be honest, I’m starting to wonder where those shoes are going to come from – I could swear I don’t have that many left!), but for some reason it does. Here’s to completing the next shelf!


  • Congratulations! Those two shelves of shoes look so happy.
    And I love love love your outfit, you look ever so gorgeous in it. It’s getting wintry here in Delhi (or as wintry as it can get, this close to the Equator) and now you’ve inspired me to imitate your style.

  • I get such terrible style envy when I see your photos – that skirt is to die for and you put everything together so well.

  • Ah, don’t worry, we all understand the title is “Friday” because the post was on Friday… the fact that the outfit is from Monday is totally OK, cause it means an outfit for the Challenge – everyday is a day for it!!!
    You look, as usual!, amazing! Those were the shoes I once asked you about, thinking they were red, but you told me they were pink… they are simply lovely!
    Hopefully there is #61 on the weekend? So close to you goal now!

    • It snowed! And I’ve already “saved” all my boots but for one pair, which aren’t suitable for snow, so the challenge will have to grind to a halt again – aaaarghhh!

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