The next challenge…

So, my Shoe Challenge has ground to an unexpected halt this week. Here’s why:

Yup, it snowed again. And those boots I’m wearing? Those are the rubber riding boots I got when I was about 13 years old, and which are the only footwear I own which are really suitable for this kind of weather. Gah.

These aren’t part of the Shoe Challenge, which I’ll have to pick up when I’m on holiday next week (unless, of course, the snow melts enough before then to allow me back into my heels!), but I have just embarked on a new challenge over at my personal blog: it’s called ‘Dressember’ and involves wearing a dress every single day for the duration of December. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a different dress every day, and skirts and tops are also allowed: as a dress addict, I’m thinking it shouldn’t be too difficult!) At the time of writing there are 173 people taking part, and we’re hoping to raise some money for the women and children’s charity Refuge in the process, so if you feel like taking part, you can click here to join the Facebook group, here to donate to Refuge, or here if you want to just take a look and see how I’m getting on with a dress-a-day!


  • I like the sound of dressember, although it probably wouldn’t be much of a challenge for me as I already wear skirts or dresses every day. I would do it, if it wasn’t for the fact that one of my work colleagues has actually challenged me to wear trousers sometime this month! I’ll be interested to see your dressember outfits though!

  • Oh, awesome idea! I’d love to participate – I’ve been looking for a good (or, you know, “good”) excuse to buy skirts and dresses – but there’s one rather big problem… I live in Sweden. Now, some years, that wouldn’t be much of a problem, but this year… This whole week, the warmest it’s been was -9 C today. Other than today, it’s been constantly below -10, -15 C. The coldest day was -20… My point is, it’s a bit too cold for me to dare to wear anything other than trousers, with two or three layers underneath (two nylon stockings + a pair of cotton leggins, and -10 really isn’t so bad xP)…

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