Shoeperwoman’s Shoes: A nautical (and windy) Sunday

I was going to wear my Office peep toes with this outfit, but I thought it might be a bit of a nautical overload (I’m obsessed with nautical at the moment. I can’t seem to help myself.) with the stripey blazer and sailboat necklace, so I changed my mind at the last minute and went for these tan leather slingbacks, which were a bargain buy from New Look over a year ago.

So tell me: what shoes are you wearing today, and what are you wearing with them?


  • I LOVE your outfit!
    today I just wore my Fakenstocks (fake Birkenstocks), but I bought the most amazing heels.
    they’re a bright blue, turquoise-y colour, and have a peep toe. I’m wearing them for my grade 8 graduation. 🙂

  • Since I’m at work, I’m wearing black ballet flats with black pants and a mint green and white pinstripe suit. God it sounds like a uniform. But it’s not. Really.

  • They are gorgeous! I like this feature!

    Yesterday I wore my United Nude Eamz boots. I threw on my French Connection butterfly dress I bought from ASOS 2 years ago, and sage green knee high socks. Wore this for a day out to a Doctor Who convention, and believe me, I was dressed very tamely compared to some!!

    • Fabulous, as ever, Emma 🙂 By the way, you can post Twitpic photos in the comments – you need to click the “put this photo on your website” photo on Twitpic, copy and past the code it gives you then click on the “add images to your comment” link under this box. Or it*should* work, anyway!

  • [img][/img] Sorry for spamming the comments with nonsense, hope this one works! I clicked the button below to add image, and pasted the url in.

    • Don’t worry, I can delete the other ones – it took me ages to get it to work too, I think it’s a bit temperamental, will need to get Terry to look into it!

  • Being finals week, I’m wearing gross old flip flops. Yesterday, however, I was wearing my favorite new pair of shoes. They are a pair of navy peep toes with small, peachy colored polka dots in kind of a swirly pattern, with a little rosette right on the toe. They are very Vargas Girlish, and I love them. They were also only $20 at Payless. In other words, not designer, but adorable anyway. I wore them with a simple navy dress.

  • Today I wore a butter yellow button down, a white cardi, a pale blue and gold jacquard skirt, and little gold kitten heel slippers, with stars punched out of the sides. Went from work to out for dinner, and I felt cheery all day! (Yellow does that to me. Especially yellow with good shoes.)

  • I wore gladiator sandals to a wedding. Yup! Broke the mold baby! bUt I totally had reservations and yes I had more than a few looks but hey, it went with the oufit! I think anyway (pics are on my blog, you decide!).

  • Today was casual day for me so silver birkenstocks, dark inky jeans, a chocolate brown vest and a cream top.

    Your sailboat necklace is really cute.

    Also, I checked out Wanderlusting’s blog (above) and she is so pretty!

  • To uni today I wore, some straight dark bluey/blacky jeans, a black high neck top, my new necklace [img][/img] and my vintage Ravel boots[img][/img].


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