Quick update about the Shoe Challenge this month…

Hello, Challengettes!

As those of you here in the UK are probably aware, we have quite a few public holidays this month (yay!) and as most of them fall on a Friday – Monday, I just wanted to let you all know that the weekly shoe challenge roundups will be published on a Thursday on the weeks we have holidays, and that I won’t have quite as much time to put the posts together as usual, so I hope you’ll all bear with me!

You, of course, don’t have to do anything differently: if you’re sending me your links/photos on the day you post them, they should appear in the next roundup, whenever that may be. If you’re in the habit of saving them up and sending them all at the same time, though, I can’t guarantee that they will all appear in the next roundup, as I sometimes find myself running out of time if I get a large amount of submissions all at the same time. I would hate to miss someone out completely, so when I do get a lot of bulk submissions I normally just take one or two from each person and save the rest for the next week. When that happens, I promise your photos will be published in a roundup – just maybe not the very next one!

Anyway, hopefully you won’t notice too much of a difference, other than that the roundup will appear on a Thursday rather than a Friday a couple of times this month: I just wanted to let you all know about it, so you don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, or got my days mixed up (which sometimes happens when you work from home, trust me…).

How is everyone getting on with their Challenges, anyway? Any questions? Comments?


  • Don’t worry, we all know how much work it is to bring us all the nice roundup! I hope you have sun – and fun! – during the holidays (the bank holidays…) I’m taking profit of them too and going to enjoy this weekend a bit (a lot, I hope!) I totally deserve it…! (And I promise some pictures for the challenge! Very much looking forward!) When will you “come back” to the challenge? I miss the nice pictures (sincerely!)

  • I do look forward to the roundups, they’re so well-delivered!
    I’m failing miserably in my Shoe Challenge in that, due to dire financial straits, I have eBayed over half of my small shoe collection *sob*…then again, when (if) I get a job I’ll be Challenging again with renewed vigour!

  • I’m falling hopelessly behind as life keeps getting in the way. Hopefully as the weather warms up I’ll get motoring again!

    • This is what I keep telling myself too… Even without all of the recent stress, I was finding it hard to get motivated: these transitional seasons are always really hard for me, but come summer I should be able to get through a lot more shoes!

  • Loving the challenge Amber, am a little concerned that I’m going to have to up the pace a little though!

    Hoping that if I get a couple of weekends away over the summer that will help as I’ll have more chance to snap pics.

    • For me, it’s taking the photos that’s the killer – I could probably wear all the shoes very quickly, but finding time to set up the camera, download them all etc can be quite time consuming!

  • I’m failing my shoe challenge in the sense that I keep wearing lots of different shoes but not actually taking photos. Thankfully my shoe collection isn’t that vast (at the minute!).

    Hopefully get a chance to save some more in the holidays, work is all consuming and not the place to dress up for!

  • I’ve been so bad at taking photos that I’ve essentially lost 2 months valuable shoe saving time…but have set myself challenge of photographing every outfit while on holiday, so will definitely have some shoes saved during that time!

    Then it’s back on the wagon once I’m home. I’ve already binned 3 pairs, sold one and bought two. Oops.

  • This challenge is fantastic! I’m motivated to wear all of my shoes (and thats quite a job since I have about 120 pairs…) and doing that I also rediscover my closet and create new combinations. It’s also very nice to see the weekly updates and to see all the pics of the othter Challengettes 🙂

  • I too am loving the challenge. However, I have only managed to snap pics of three of my saves. Now that the weather is getting nicer there will be prettier opportunities to wear the shoes and get nice pictures with them on. The weekly updates are great! Thanks for the work you do putting them together.

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