Shoeper Shoe Challenge #5: Be My Valentine

What: Red Matalan ruffle shoes (with ruffle removed)
When: February 14th, 2010
Where: Valentine’s dinner date
With: New Look polka dot top, River Island pencil skirt, red bow belt (no idea) and black bag (gifted)

Shoeperman and I don’t really do the whole “gifts and cards” thing on Valentine’s Day, but we WILL take any excuse to eat out, so last night we had dinner in the middle of a lake. In a restaurant, I mean: I don’t think these shoes would’ve coped well with a rowing boat, somehow…

The shoes in question are my red Matalan ruffle shoes, worn with the ruffle removed, and with my new obsession: POLKA DOTS! You can probably expect to see a lot more dots around here as the year progresses. A LOT more. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

What did everyone else do for Valentine’s, if anything? And, more importantly, which shoes did you wear?


  • I have that belt but can’t remember where its from either. I want to say New Look but not positive on that. Great outfit tho!

    • It could well be! I seem to pick up belts (and other accessories) everywhere I go, and I can never remember where they came from! But New Look is high in the list of suspects…

  • You look nice! For Valentine’s Day I tramped around Vancouver in my mid-heel boots from Aldos, as we took in the crowds for the Olympics. Now my boots need re-heeling and I never want to wear them again after standing in one line for 4 hours : )

  • you looked awesome…and i love the photo of you and shoeperman…gotta admire a couple with such joie de vivre 😉
    just curious if you tried the shoes with that outfit with the ruffle on em too…wanted to see the outfit with it to satisfy my curiousity over whether it would have looked awesome or too much lol

    • Thanks! And nope, I didn’t try it with the ruffle – I have to admit, I really struggle to wear these with the ruffles because they always look too much, and make my feet look huge! So they’re currently lying in the back of the cloest, gathering dust: I have to drag them out one of these days and actually wear them with something!

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