Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 16: The Bright Side

What: Dorothy Perkins nude peep toes
When: Sunday, May 29th, 2011
Where: Some last minute holiday shopping
With: Red jeans (J Brand, c/o Shopbop), stripey sweater (H&M), blazer (New Look kids department); Classic Q Little Ukita satchel (Marc By Marc Jacobs c/o Shopbop)

Today’s a public holiday here in the UK (I know, another one!) so I hadn’t actually intended to put up any posts, but since I have so much ground to make up with the Shoe Challenge, I figured I’d just sneak on these photos from yesterday, so I can head off on holiday safe in the knowledge that another pair of shoes have been saved!

These shoes are far from the most exciting pair I could have chosen for a last-minute save, because they’re just one of my many pairs of nude(ish) peep toes, but this outfit was really all about the jeans:

These jeans are a bit of a departure for me, and a little more “fashiony” than my usual style, but I’d wanted a pair of red jeans for a while, so when I saw these at Shopbop I decided to use some of my store credit to grab a pair. And then I decided to wear them with stripes, because, well, that’s what I do.

I’m really liking the trend for brightly coloured denim right now: in fact, I’m tempted to get some of the pastel colours that are out right now, just in case the weather declines to ever warm up again. After the gorgeous April we had, we’ve had non-stop wind and rain for May, so I figure pastel coloured jeans could be a good solution – summery, but still warm. (I’m not really complaining about the weather, though – we had more sun in April than we normally have all year, so we didn’t do too badly!)

Want to see an out-take?

As those of you who read my personal blog might know, my hair is currently trying to kill me. This was the latest step of its dastardly plan. Further Shoe Challenge posts will depend on whether I manage to survive its attacks…


    • It’s actually the wall of a local school – good job we were there on a Sunday or Terry would’ve probably been arrested or something for waving a camera around!

  • I second MsVeve, I loved that wall! And I loved your jeans too! You look fantastic as usual! I still didn’t have the “courage” to wear brightly colored-jeans or trousers in general… I think I’ll never have, so I’ll go on just admiring them! Your outfit is perfect! (And I liked the hair too!)

    • Ah, OK, now I read about the hair! šŸ™‚ I was supposed to be in the windy UK today, and there was nothing I wished more now…:( Instead, waiting for government documents, sooo long they take to issue things here! Stuck! But soon I’ll be there (Yay!) Meanwhile, enjoy planning your trip and flying! Leave the wind behind for a while!

      • Oh no, hope you get your documents sorted out soon – that must be so frustrating! I will keep my fingers crossed that the wind has died down a bit by the time you get here – it’s been absolutely crazy!

        • I was going to ask you to cross your fingers for me, and then you wrote it, thaaaank you! Yes… let’s hope it gets faster… windy or not… my heart will be warm! šŸ™‚ Thank you for your lovely words, really!

  • Great jeans. I have a pair just like these that I got this winter. I love bright colored clothes so I’ve been getting a lot of wear from them. Finally a trend that doesn’t immediately call for eye bleach!

  • Great pictures! I really liked your red jeans, and the colorful wall in the background. Love this outfit of yours so much! šŸ™‚
    It has it all, bright jeans, stripy top, a beautiful blazer and a really nice bag. Let’s not forget your shoes. And when you put all these against a “rainbow wall” you get a perfect result, amazing pictures! šŸ™‚

  • I had red jeans years ago. I’m pretty sure I didn’t look as stylish as you, even if I wasn’t dealing with hair that was trying to kill me.

  • I’m lovin the bright denim trend too šŸ™‚ By the end of summer, I think I’ll own most of the rainbow šŸ˜›
    Beautiful pictures and that’s an amazing background!!!

  • Haha funny thing, I’ve got photos I took ages and ages ago of me in my red jeans and a striped t shirt that I was planning to post this week as a shoe save! Maybe I’ll hold off so everyone forgets you posted this first šŸ˜›

    In other news, you seriously rock those jeans!

  • Very cute outfit! I’m thinking about getting the MBMJ Little Ukita bag that you’re carrying in your photos…I’m just wondering if the short strap would fit comfortably on my shoulder if I ever wanted to carry it like that? I’m 5’2″ and kind of petite. Thanks!

  • I’m glad i ran into your blog while googling the mbmj ukita bag. You’ve helped me decided that i MUST have it! It looks great on you. And i like the striped sweater with the blazer! And you do not have ugly feet. That person’s just jealous.

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