Ruby Shoesday # 8: Storage Solutions

(Christian Louboutin Very Very wedges with River Island tank, H&M skirt, thrifted belt)

(Christian Louboutin Very Very wedges with River Island tank, H&M skirt, thrifted belt)

Well, would you look at this, me posting a Ruby Shoesday photo featuring a red-shoes outfit I am actually wearing on the designated Tuesday! There will be no stopping me now. Next thing you know, I’ll up and do something else radical, like actually finishing my Shoe Challenge or something. Just you watch.

Anyway, today I decided to open a shoe store. Can I help you find a size, ma’am?

I jest, of course. Actually, what happened was that Shoeperman went out to a meeting, and I decided to take full advantage of his absence by investigating some new storage options for my shoe collection. I say “some” new options: I pretty much stopped after this one, because why would I keep on searching when all the space I need is right here? Well, almost all the space I need: that’s obviously not my full collection, and I don’t think those shelves would accommodate every shoe I own, but still, it’s a start, isn’t it? And I’m sure we could find space for some more shelves somewhere. What else are bathrooms for, for instance?

These are the shelves in our office, normally home to a bunch of really exciting stuff like box files, dog biscuits, camera equipment and the like. I think they look much better with shoes on them.

Sadly, the chances of Shoeperman agreeing with me on this are absolutely zilch.

Worth a shot, though, no?


  • I say leave them like that! Shoes are a much nicer room decoration. 😀
    Perhaps not in the bathroom, though, the damp might make the leather go funny!

  • I would love to display my shoes openly like a shoe shop. But the thing that’s stopping me is the issue of dust (and fur, especially with a pet). Is there a nice compromise between an open display and shoe boxes (clear ones are not much better).

    • I wouldn’t want to put the boxes on display, but I think if I did put some of them on the shelves, I’d probably keep the more expensive pairs in their boxes in the closet, so I didn’t have to keep on dusting them!

  • Most of my shoes end up in a wardrobe. I’m going to have to be very careful where I leave them lying around in the future though, since I now have a pet skunk. 😛

  • The shelf looks pretty cool and neat! I bought a shoe rack on ebay for my shoes, which was brilliant for a while…then last week it fell apart. I think shelving’s probably the safest idea.

  • I think this is a really good idea – and it would help you with your shoe challenge because they’d all be within easy reach! I keep meaning to do something similar – the only problem is that my book-buying habit is more deeply ingrained than my shoe-buying habit, so I have no free bookcase space…a trip to Ikea might be in order!

    As always you look beautiful in your pictures. Glad to see the Loubs are getting some wear! xx

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking re: the Shoe Challenge! At the moment they’re all squirrelled away in different places, so it’s really difficult to know what I have… I might start off by only putting out the unworn pairs, so they’d basically be sitting there reproaching me constantly, going “Weeeaaaar me! Weeeeaaaar me!”

  • It’s unbelieavable! I have exactly the same shelves for my shoes! Ikea, 2006 or 07… I bought for storing shoes since the beginning, cause I wanted to see them, in order to remember what I had… and it worked! It’s really great! I put an extra shelf on the top, and of course, shoes go also on the floor down the last shelf… wherever there’s a little space, of course… the best pairs, like Louboutin, Sergio Rossi, Miu Miu, for example, are in boxes, for sure… such an amazing coincidence! And you look fantastic in front of the “bookshelf” (can I call it shoeshelf? I guess so!) Pretty outfit, marvellous shoes and beautiful smile!
    (I have another Ikea solution for 100 pairs… it worked again!) Thanks, Ikea!

    • Haha, where would we be without Ikea?! Good to know they work out as shoe shelves – I think I might move all of mine at the weekend (can you tell I don’t get out much?) 🙂

    • Hi there,
      Any chance you know the name of this ‘bookshelf/shoe shelf’? I have been looking for shelving to house my shoes and I like the way this looks.
      Also, what is your other Ikea solution for 100 pairs? 🙂 Tell me more 🙂

  • Ah, I dream of having something like that for my shoes. If you ever devise a solution, do let us know (though you may want to patent it first) – for example a ceiling thing with a string (like blinds have) where if you pull it one way, it unrolls with pouches full of shoes, and when you pull the other way it stores them safely at ceiling height (so you could then hang like 16-20 of them in a room).

    btw, I can’t help wondering whether Mousy’s serious about having a skunk, or if she’s just cooking up a new fluffy B&W Photoshop creation to dazzle us with! 🙂

  • I have these shelves although mine are covered in books. I think the shoes look much better…

    Hmmm shelves for shoes and wardrobe for books. I like the sound of this

  • I keep all my shoes in boxes with a picture stuck on the front so I know what’s what (they are not all in their original boxes, which is a pain). I wish I had the room for shelves like that!

  • I wish I could get shelves that big but I don’t have space. For now I have little shelves with this cover thing it’s actually cute but doesn’t fit ALL the shoes, so I have the rest of them in a basket (casual flats and flip flops) and in boxes (heels, more expensive ones).
    Love the Louboutins 😀
    Congrats on Ruby Shoesdaying on a actual Tuesday 😀

  • I already keep most of my shoes on a bookshelf. I think it’s the easiest way and I have no problem to choose which shoes I want to wear every morning. Now if I could only fit ALL my shoes… As for the dust, it’s not such a problem for leather and fake-leather shoes (they’re easy to wipe), but I would suggest keeping your suede ones in a box.

  • PS: I absolute adore the hot pink ones you’re holding together with the leopards, where did you get them? And when will we see them in a shoe challenge?!

  • FYI – this is regarding most of your shoe challenge posts:
    Since you changed the page format, a lot of the times the first photo in the post appears twice, once after another, on a regular page (before you click ‘read more’ and go to that specific post). Not sure if I’m the only one having this issue, or this was intended this way, but wanted to bring it to your attention.

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(Christian Louboutin Very Very wedges with River Island tank, H&M skirt, thrifted belt)" />