Found! The perfect gold flats

gold ballet flats

gold pointed ballet flats with bow

Next gold pointed ballet flats, £40

I know I talk about this a lot, but gold flats are such a shoe-staple for me that when I find a pair I like, I tend to buy them (budget permitting), whether I need them or not. Unlike heels, which I can have for years without them looking too much the worse for wear, I always seem to go through flats super-fast, so it’s good to have a pair in reserve, I find!

In this case, I really DID need these shoes. My current pair of gold flats are long past their best, and although I couldn’t quite bring myself to throw them out until I’d found a replacement, I haven’t been wearing them either. The problem was, I just couldn’t seem to find that much-needed replacement, so when Next’s summer catalogue dropped through the door last Friday, and I saw a photo of these pointed gold flats, I couldn’t get to the computer quickly enough to order them.

A quick word about Next’s delivery service here: it’s seriously one of the best I’ve ever used (and trust me, I’ve ordered from a LOT of websites…). I ordered these at around mid-day on Friday, and was given the option to have them delivered that evening, for just slightly more than the regular delivery charge. I decided not to (I didn’t need them quite THAT urgently, and our delivery man is a sweetheart, so I’d have felt guilty dragging him out on a Friday night!), but they were here the next morning nonetheless, which I think is pretty spectacular. (And no, they’re not paying me to write this!)

As for the shoes, well they’re basically the perfect gold flats, as far as I’m concerned. Pointed toe, giant bow… they even have a padded insole, which makes them much kinder to the heels than some other pairs of flats, which provide little to no cushioning or arch support. They’re well made, and have a “sturdy” feel about them which makes me hope they’ll enjoy a nice, long life. The upper is leather, which makes the £40 price tag seem pretty reasonable, and they also come in nude and navy, both of which I’d happily add to my collection. You know my motto: when you find the perfect shoes, buy them in every colour!

As far as sizing goes, I often struggle to get the right fit in flat shoes, but these are my regular size 4, and I’d say they fit true-to-size. I haven’t worn them for a long period of time yet, but I have worn them around the house a bit, and the only issue I’ve noticed is a little bit of rubbing on one heel. That’s a common problem for me with flats, and it normally just means I need to wear them a couple of times to soften up the leather, but I’ll probably put a Bandaid in my handbag the first time I wear them, just to be sure.

Overall, I’m really happy with these: so much so that I’m considering buying another pair, just to keep in reserve for the inevitable day when these ones wear out. I actually considered doing that on Friday, but I just couldn’t bring myself to drop £80 on flats in one go: somehow it doesn’t seem quite as bad if I wait until next month! The only problem with THAT of course, is that by then I’ll probably have convinced myself I need the nude version, too…


I actually wore these shoes all day yesterday, so thought I’d post a quick update to show you what they look like on:

50s dress and flat shoes

Worn with an old River Island dress, on a day which involved quite a bit of walking, these proved to be super-comfortable, as I’d hoped. When I put them on, I immediately noticed the rubbing on one heel, which I mentioned in my review, so I did as I said I would, and popped some Bandaids in my bad just in case. As it turned out, though, I didn’t need them: in fact, I didn’t give the shoes a second thought once we were out of the house, which is a good sign of how comfortable they are! I definitely think I might need a “reserve” pair!

[Buy them here]


  • I love these, they have the perfect color and shape. Great find! Too bad the Czech Next stores only stock the frumpiest and most boring stock, so I doubt they’ll have these and with pointed toes I have sizing issues (I usually size up but it’s not always right so I would rather try them on.) I’m going on a London trip in the summer so maybe they’ll still have them, here’s hoping!

  • Great flats! I just bought my first pair of gold flats after a few of my workhorse black pairs finally gave out. It’s this website that showed me that gold flats can be a neutral shoe-staple; I’m so happy!! I bought J.Crew “Nora” laser cut flats in gold. I’ve never even been excited for flats before!

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