Manolo Blahnik jewelled satin skimmers: Carrie’s wedding shoes, but flat!

Manolo Blahnik

Remember the bright blue Manolos which Mr Big used to propose to Carrie, and which she wore at her wedding? They were called ‘Hagisi’, and if the heels on them were too high for your liking, well, here’s the flat version, available in that same blue satin (and also in black), and retailing for $945 at Neiman Marcus.

Now, that’s about $900 more than I’d generally consider paying for a pair of flat pumps, even an “iconic” style that comes with a crystal brooch on the toe –  in fact, I think I’d probably want that brooch to be made from diamonds for that price – but what do you think of these?


  • No… definitely the range of price I would pay for any shoe 🙁 – just because it’s too much for my budget, of course… but for flats definitely not! The brooch is nice, but the flats are anyway too pointy for me…

  • Actually not usually what I would spend on myself usually as I like to find Manolo’s at a bargain. However, these are the perfect gift for my mother. I think she deserves some Manolo’s and I am so excited that he is making such beautiful shoes in flats. I would pay this price no doubt for my mom! The blue is almost sold out and is only being sold online where I live. If anyone has any ideas on how to get their hands on a pair let me know. 🙁

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