Eternal Borgezie Diamond Stiletto: diamonds on the straps of your shoes

Would you pay £100,000 for shoes, readers?


What if the shoes were made of solid gold or platinum, and had 2,200 brilliant cut diamonds set into the straps – more than 30 carats worth?

Still no?

OK, what if the soles and heels were shaped like hearts, and the shoes came with replacements, so they’d always look brand new, no matter how many times you wore them?

Still no?

Would one more picture change your mind?

OK, me neither. In fact, I can’t even IMAGINE the kind of lifestyle I’d have to have to allow me to buy and wear £100,000 diamond-encrusted shoes, but if you can, you can read more information about them here.


  • They are certainly pretty, but even if I had the money, I wouldn’t wear them because of the simple fear of losing one of the itty bitty diamonds. I know myself after all: If there’s a step or a corner I’ll trip over or bump into it eventually. So the diamonds along the sole would not be safe around me…

  • I agree with Moni, but also, platinum and gold in particular are known not to be very strong metals. If bite marks can be made into solid gold, well then imagine how quickly these would dent and buckle as soon as you hit them against anything….

  • Who in the world has such an idea? Some of the things the shoe displays are OK, creative, the least I can say, but… I agree with some of the comments here, they don’t look very… safe, or solid! I guess it’s for an actress or a society girl to pose in them and sit down the whole night smiling at the magazines’ cameras…

  • They are a work of art and if you can afford $100,000 for shoes you could just put them in a display case for everyone to admire. That’s what I’d do if I had a cool spare $100,000 just lying around.

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