Shoeper Shoe Challenge Week 16 Roundup

Hi everyone!

As you know, I’m on holiday in sunny California right now (or at least, I hope it’s sunny – I’m actually writing this post in advance, so who knows?), so as I explained in this post, this week’s roundup will be a little different.

As I’m not here to upload the photos, all you have to do is simply post the link to your completed shoe challenges, whether they be on your blog, on Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else on the web in the comments section of this post, so your fellow challengettes can have a look at them.

One other thing: if you’re posting multiple links, there’s a change the blog may freak out a bit and mark them as spam, so if your comment doesn’t appear right away, don’t worry, I’ll go through the spam folder later today and publish any comments that get eaten!

Hope you’re all having a good week and saving lots of shoes!

Shoeperwoman x


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