Modcloth ‘Speciality Sweets’ t-bars

green t-bar heels pink t-bar shoes

‘Speciality Sweets’, $79.99

Sweet by name, and sweet by nature! Like the first pair of shoes I showed you today, these will be almost TOO sweet for some tastes: they look almost like toy shoes to me, as opposed to actual, adult footwear. If you like pastels and t-bars, however, and have the type of style that will allow you to pull these off with ease, then you might just love them.

I’ve never been a huge fan of brogue styling, but I’ve been coming around to it in recent years: I always feel like brogues are very “serious” shoes, somehow, but these are anything but, and any so-called “seriousness” you might pick up from the t-bar or the trim is drowned out by the baby pink and mint green colourways. Some of you will think that’s a good thing, and some of you will think it’s a bad thing –  they’re definitely not a style that will suit everyone. For $79,99, however, I think they’re pretty good value for money, considering they’re real leather: a pleasant surprise.

Oh, and if the pastels are just too much for you, they also come in a black and white upper, which is a little more classic.

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