Satin high heeled ballet shoes from Miss Selfridge

A classic ballet shoe… with a high, stiletto heel! I guess these would be the perfect way to indulge all of those ballerina fantasies (I can’t have been the only little girl who dreamt of being a ballerina when she grew up?) without actually looking like you’re on your way to dance class.

I’ve seen lots of people wearing Topshop’s flat ballet shoes, which I featured a few weeks ago (New Look are also currently doing a much less expensive version, but they do look less expensive in real life), and I’m really loving the look of them: very chic when worn with a simple pair of jeans and sweater, and I’m sure the heeled versions will look just as good.

These are £40: click here to buy them from Miss Selfridge.


  • Oooooh, very dainty and pretty, but still neutral to wear with almost anything. I never took dance lessons as a little girl, but dreamed of being a pointe ballerina too. Not as often as I dreamed of being a Rockette, but still… 🙂

  • Oh, I wanted to be a ballerina SO BADLY! But I grew, and grew, and GREW, and at 5-ft-11-inches, no ballet teacher will even look to me. 🙁

  • I kind of love them, and that love does not mesh well with my resolution to not wear anything remotely point-shoe-like on days when I don’t have to wear actual point shoes.

    My feet are tortured enough and these shoes look like the most beautiful kind of torture…

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