Friday Night Louboutin Fix: Christian Louboutin Bibi Suede Platform Pumps

These shoes are about as close to “sensible” as it gets for Christian Louboutin. Sure, they have a 4″ heel, but it’s chunkier than the usual spindly stilettos, and with a 1″ platform to balance it out, why, these should feel downright LOW, compared to some of the great man’s other designs!

Well, OK, maybe not: they are a great colour for winter, though, and they’re also available in black and brown, making them one of the more wearable shoes in the current Louboutin collection.

Want to buy a pair? They’re $526 and you can click here to order from Saks.


  • Well, I liked them, but maybe not enough to buy them, especially for that price… but Bibi is one of my nicknames, so… I felt connected!

  • I saw these on the Louboutin website in a gorgeous blue colour a couple of weeks ago and have been lusting after them ever since. But this colour I’m not a fan of.

  • I have this problem with suede…even looking at it makes me feel kind of itchy…I don’t know why. I just do not like it. These shoes are no exception. (Although I do have a pair of suede heels by FERGIE of all people, how embarrassing.)(The singer. Not the duchess.)

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