Valentino Crystal Zebra Slingbacks

These shoes aren’t at all what I was expecting when I saw the word “zebra” in the product title: rather than the familiar (and slightly garish, in the hands of the wrong designer) black and white print we’re all used to, these use cutouts to cunningly suggest a zebra print, with your own bare skin as the backdrop. Texture and shine are added with a crystal overlay on the leather, and there’s a gold piping to finish the whole lot off. It sounds like a lot of detail when you write it down, but the finished product is actually much more sophisticated than it sounds, and definitely one of the more inventive uses of “zebra” I’ve seen.

These are by Valentino, so of course they’re jaw-droppingly expensive: $1,275 is the price, and you can click here to buy them from Neiman Marcus.


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