Celebrity Shoes: Charlotte Ross in Charlotte Olympia ‘Carmen’ platform wedges

I’ll be honest: I had to Google Charlotte Ross. (She’s an American actress, in case you’re also in the dark at this point: you can read more about her here.)

I definitely didn’t have to Google her shoes, though, because these are instantly recognisable as the Charlotte Olympia ‘Carmen’ wedges I showed you last month:

I was really pleased to come across a photo of someone wearing these, because I was curious to see what they’d look like on a foot. Setting aside the fact that Charlotte has obviously fallen victim to The Curse of the Too Big Shoes, which aflicts many a celebrity, I still like the shoes – and I still think they look a bit like boats. In a good way, though.

I also like the way these look worn with a white dress – a very summery effect.

What do you think of Charlotte wearing Charlotte?


  • love the shoes but hate it when shoes are too big with space at the back or even too small with toes hanging over the front, that’s why I love it when you can get shoes that come in half sizes…

  • I loved them a lot when you posted them, but worn too big ruined it a bit.
    I also don’t like these shoes with these dress so much.. they somehow look more country and don’t really go with this geometrical (or greek-style?) dress.

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