Polka dot shoes at ASOS

red polka dot platform shoes

Oh dear. These probably aren’t what you were expecting when you read the title of thus post, are they? And, I mean, I LOVE the print – that goes without saying for me. But not even pretty polka dots can make me love the flatform: I’m sure these would be very comfortable on, (And it has to be said, they’re not nearly as bad as some I’ve seen: in fact, if I HAD to wear flatforms, these are probably the ones I’d choose.) but I’m also sure they’d make me look like some strange kind of stock figure, with boats for feet.

Let me show you something a little more me:

polka dot peep toes

Now, if I could have this shape, but with the red print from the first pair, I’d be sold. Or rather, they would be – especially seeing as they’re only £22. Pretty please, ASOS?

Buy them here and here.


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