Sarenza Pick of the Month: Buffalo ‘Beyza’ nude patent court shoes

Buffalo 'Beyza' nude patent court shoes

Buffalo 'Beyza' nude patent court shoes

Buffalo 'Beyza' nude patent court shoes

Buffalo 'Beyza' nude patent court shoes

Buffalo ‘Beyza’ nude patent court shoes, £80.90

As some of you know, I’ve been more than a little bit obsessed with Christian Louboutin’s nude patent ‘Pigalle’ pumps for a while now, and until the glorious day arrives when I can finally make them mine, I’ve been on the lookout for a high street version I can get some wear out of in the meantime.

That made August’s Sarenza Brand Ambassador pick an easy one for me: I’d spotted Buffalo’s ‘Beyza’ pumps early in the month, but unfortunately they’d already sold out in my size, so I decided to wait a while and see if the UK 4 ever came back into stock. When it didn’t, I’m ashamed to admit I did something I’ve sworn not to do, and which I wouldn’t really recommend to anyone else: I ordered the 3.5 instead. Well, I figured a half-size down might not make too much difference to the fit, and luckily I was right: as you would expect, they’re definitely smaller than my usual size, but not by enough to render them unwearable, and after just a couple of hours’ wear around the house, I already couldn’t tell they were a 3.5 rather than a 4: phew! Don’t try this at home, though, kids!

This was a big relief to me, because by the time I’d tried them on with multiple different outfits, and realised that, unsurprisingly, they really DO work with everything, I would’ve hated to have had to return them. These are destined to become a staple for me over the next few months, and I can see them replacing my beloved Carvela ‘Australia’ peep toes (Which have rarely been off my feet since I got them, they’re THAT perfect) as  the most-worn shoes of the Autumn.

These have patent leather uppers, and are a great, go-with-everything shade of beige. Interestingly, the heels are actually a shade lighter than the upper: it’s not quite as obvious in real life as it is in the photos (I actually only noticed it when I looked back at the photos, and I think the flash has made it look much more obvious than it really is) but there is a very slight difference in the shade, which I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t been taking photos!

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[Disclosure: These shoes were purchased using a gift code provided by Sarenza: all opinions are my own.]


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