Dune ‘Harlequin’ Monocrome Ankle Strap Peep Toes

Dune monochrome peep toe shoes

Dune ‘Harlequin’ Monocrome Ankle Strap Peep Toe Sandals, £85

These are the second pair of shoes I’ve been keeping an eye out for ever since spotting them in the Dune preview, back in January,  (The others, of course, are the stripe ‘Benefit’ pumps which I may have mentioned once or twice now…) and I’m sure I don’t really need to explain WHY, do I?

Giving a giant nod to this season’s monochrome trend, these two part sandals are just a little more subtle than some of their stripey sisters, as the stripes in question cover a smaller area of the upper, and have a curved effect over the toe. They’re still very much “on trend”, though (yes, I hate myself for using that phrase…) and create a very bold kind of look, which still manages to stay sophisticated, thanks to the classic shape and patent upper. The shape and upper also reminds me very much of Christian Louboutin’s ‘Armadillo’ sandals, and that’s never a bad thing. (I will refrain from showing you the two side-by-side, though: it kind of spoils the high street version for me a little!)

For me, these are definitely one of the nicest of the current crop of monochrome shoes (at this price-point, at least), and while I could quibble about the ankle strap if I really wanted to, I’m not going to bother: I think it works well with the shape of the shoe, and it looks to be removable anyway, if you’re not a fan!

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