Lola Ramona ‘Lola’ poka dot low-heeled pumps

polka dot shoes

I’m sticking to my New Year’s Shoeper Resolution, which was to show you more low-heeled or flat shoes, and today I’ve surprised myself by finding a pair I’d actually wear myself: wonders will never cease!

Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t admit that I’d like these Lola Ramona court shoes even more if they came with a higher heel (in fact, not only would I like them, I’d probably buy them, let’s be honest), but I’m actually pretty keen on them the way they are, too. The heel is 2.75″, but it’s also very nicely shaped:

polka dot shoes with red bow

The print, however, is what really does it for me, here. I can never seem to resist using red accents with black and white polka prints, but these shoes have done it for me, making them practically perfect in every way, as Mary Poppins would say. Could I use a pair of low-heeled pumps, I wonder? On second thoughts, don’t tempt me…


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