Shoeper Shoe Challenge Week 37 Roundup

It’s week 37 of the Shoe Challenge, and the number of participants has started to tail off a bit recently, which makes me think that either a lot of you are close to the end of your challenges (yay!) or are simply starting to realise that the true challenge here isn’t wearing all of the shoes – it’s remembering (or finding time!) to document the process!

As for me, I’ve spent most of the past couple of weeks re-acquainting myself with my boot collection: unfortunately my favourite boots were some of the ones I chose to save first, back in February (I can’t believe the challenge has already spanned almost all of the seasons!) which isn’t good news for saving new pairs. I probably won’t get another save in this weekend, as it’s Halloween, and this year’s costume doesn’t really allow for fancy footwear, sadly, but hopefully some of you will get an extra pair or two saved!

Have a shoeper weekend!


  • For me it’s indeed the documenting part that has proven to be the most challenging, but I’m going to try a little harder the next few weeks 😉

  • I’m a member of the “Hardly any shoes left”-club. There are only three pairs left now, and I’m not sure if I want to save two of them at all.
    I wish I hadn’t been so fast in the first months…

  • I’m doing my “job” in a good way, I guess! I do have many pairs to save, but since I shift between 2 or 3 countries, it’s quite difficult to wear all of them, but I’m trying my best, I think. Cross your fingers for me, please, cause there are around 250 pairs of shoes in boxes that I shipped from where I lived before, and I got the horrible news that the boxes weren’t shipped – not only this, they even don’t know where they are. (It’s not only about shoes, of course). I’m quite sad about that. Let’s hope for the best…

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