Charlotte Olympia ‘Waverley’ monochrome court shoes

Charlotte Olympia Waverly

These shoes would’ve been interesting enough if what you see in the photo above was all there was to them. I mean, that wavy side creates such an amazing silhouette, and the overall effect has a bit of a dressed-up, 40s feel to it which I love.

This isn’t the whole story, though. No, in order to get the full effect with these, you have to look at the other side of the shoe, too:

Charlotte Olympia shoes

two tone shoes

black  and white toe on shoe

Is anyone else reminded of Cruella de Vil here? Because I am. In a good way, though. (Er, assuming there IS a good way to be reminded of Cruella…) The two-tone upper is an unexpected twist here, and makes an already-unusual shoe even more unique. On any other shoe, I probably wouldn’t have been sold on this, but on these? On these I think I love it. What about you?

These are £465: click here to buy them.


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