INC International silver dress sandals with bow

INC International silver dress sandals with bow

INC International silver dress sandals with bow, £67.21

I discovered these shoes during my first visit to the Macy’s website in a while, and during that visit I noticed they’ve started a #macyslove hashtag, encouraging shoppers to share photos of their purchases, which are then displayed on the product page in the form of a gallery. This is such a great idea, because it just so happens that quite a few people had uploaded photos of these shoes, which allowed me to see that they’re just as pretty in real life as they looked in the product photo – maybe even more so, in fact. I love seeing “real” photos of products before deciding to buy them, don’t you? They just seem so much more reliable, somehow, so kudos to Macy’s for doing this – and also for having a user review section for each product: another essential for a retail website, I always think.

But enough about websites and hashtags – what about the shoes? These silver dress sandals reminded me of the Rene Caovilla sandals I featured last month: no, they’re not as pretty, and the designer shoes were gold rather than silver, but there’s just something about the slim strap and little bow that made me think of them. From this, you’ll probably have gathered that I really like these shoes: silver dress sandals are an essential for many people, but they can also be rather boring, in a “once you’ve seen one pair, you’ve seen them all,” kind of way. Now, I’m not claiming that these ones are anything out the ordinary, because they’re obviously not, but they’re not too shabby either – and they’re a pretty reasonable price, too.

These were actually just one of a few pairs of silver dress sandals I liked from the Macy’s website – looks like I’m going to have to start checking it more often!

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