The perfect red over-the-knee boots

red suede knee high boots

gianvoto rossi thigh high boots


THE SHOES: Gianvito Rossi red suede knee high boots, £1,008

Why is it that every time I find an amazing pair of red knee-high boots, they always fall into the ‘dream on’ price range. These ones, for instance, are £1,008, which means that, as beautiful as they are, they’re going to have to remain on my computer screen rather than in my closet: The high street seem to be able to make pretty good dupes of everything else designer brands come up with: why not red knee boots, I wonder?

These ones are a particularly nice shade of red: too bright a red would make a pair of thigh boots incredibly hard to style (I know I’ve made this observation before, but you really would run the risk of looking like you were wearing some kind of shoeperhero costume!), but this darker red will be far easier on the eye – and a whole lot easier to wear, too. I think these would look fabulous with camel:

red thigh high boots


This is a colour combination I’ve been featuring a lot lately, and which I think works really well for autumn. It has a very warm, soft kind of feel to it, and the colours remind me of autumn leaves, which is perhaps why it feels so appropriate! This dress is also available in black, navy and bright red, and is one of those items that’s destined to become a closet staple: it looks comfortable and easy to wear, but it’s still relatively polished looking, too. I’ve chosen tights in the same (or at least very similar) colour to the boots, to give the impression of an extra long leg – plain black would also work just as well, though: or try leggings instead, if it’s an extra cold day!

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