Casadei Blade pumps with brooch embellishment

Casadei Blade pumps with brooch embellishment

Casadei Blade pumps with brooch embellishment

Casadei Blade pumps with brooch embellishment, £680

Every time I write about Casadei’s iconic ‘Blade’ pumps, I assume it’ll probably be the last time, because how many times can this brand keep on releasing the same shoe, and STILL make me want to write about it, after all? And what can I really say about it that I haven’t said a dozens times before, come to think of it?

The answer to the second question is “nothing, really”. You all know by now what this shoe looks like, and you know how much I love it, too. I’ve written at great length about the shape of the blade-like heel which gives the style its name, and the point of the toe, which is the perfect match for it. I even have my own pair of these shoes, which I wear much more often than the height would suggest (and they’re much more comfortable, too – although “comfortable” isn’t really a word I like to throw around too much in the context of 5″ heels. They weren’t built for it, and honestly, it doesn’t really matter to me, because if comfort was ALL I was interested in, I’d buy a pair of Birkenstocks and close down this blog. But I digress…): there’s really nothing else to be said, is there?

Well, maybe not, but that doesn’t mean Casadei  is going to stop making this style (thankfully), or that they’re going to stop finding new ways to make it look just a little bit different, while still keeping all of the elements that make it special. This version is for autumn/winter 2015, and has a silvery upper with a beautiful brooch embellishment on the toe. At first glance, I thought these would make beautiful bridal shoes: a closer looks confirms that this is true – but also that they’d work for any special occasion you wanted to wear them to!

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