Sophia Webster ‘Melissa’ Polka-Dot Wedge Sandals

Sophia Webster Melissa Polka-Dot Wedge Sandal

Sophia Webster ‘Melissa’ Polka-Dot Wedge Sandals, £374.39

I have to admit, finding these shoes was a bit of a relief for me. Right before I found them, you see, I’d discovered these:

Sophia Webster Cherry Coke shoes

And, I mean, I like the basic look. Love the cherry. Adore the shape. Appreciate the colour mix. The cherry coke “wrapper” on the bow and heel, however, doesn’t have nearly as much appeal, and when I saw it, I started to fear Sophia Webster was going to go down the road of making very expensive things look like very cheap things. You know all those designer handbags which look like cereal packets? Or pretty much everything Moschino ever makes these days? That kind of thing.

Then I saw ‘Melissa’, at the top of the page, and I heaved a sigh of relief. The shoe above is nice, you see (Much nicer than I just made it sound, anyway: sorry about that), but ‘Melissa’ is just gorgeous, don’t you think? I’ve always liked a pretty wedge sandal, and this one has a curvy, non-clumpy shape which makes me like it even more. Then, of course, there’s the polka dot bow, which I’m fairly sure I don’t even need to explain to you, but for the benefit of any new readers, who haven’t realised the full extent of my polka dot problem yet, suffice to say that I rarely see a dot I don’t like: and when the dots in question appear on an oversized, gauze bow, so much the better.

These shoes are £374, and the turquoise, coral and lilac colour mix might have put me off another shoe, but I think it works really well here, with the colours appearing on such small areas (other than the heel itself, obviously) that the effect is actually quite subtle.

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