Sole Society ‘Kameko’ black and white stripe bow flats

stripe bow flats

Sole Society ‘Kameko’ black and white stripe bow flats, $59.95

What is it about stripes that makes them so appealing, I wonder? I mean, there’s really nothing remarkable about these shoes. Don’t get me wrong, they’re perfectly nice – in fact, the shape is REALLY nice – but the “pointed toe, bow-front flat” is nothing we haven’t seen a hundred times, before, maybe more, which tells me it’s the print that makes these shoes special.

Special or not, these are the kind of shoes I’d wear until they literally fell apart: then I’d start looking for another pair to replacement. Those black and white stripes, you see, would be the perfect way to pep up an all-black outfit, or a block colour dress… when your shoes have an interesting print, it really doesn’t matter how simple the shape is, or what you wear with them: they’ll always have the power to make it look that little bit better.

To test that theory, I’ve styled these shoes with a very simple outfit: although each of the constituent pieces is well-cut, and looks good quality, it’s the shoes that really make the difference:

What to wear with stripe flats:

what to wear with stripe flats

coat // trousers // top // bag // sunglasses

I’d seriously consider selling my soul for that coat: it’s just THAT perfect. The top, meanwhile, has been on my wish list for a while now: luckily I don’t have to consider selling anything for it, because it’s by Closet, and therefore much more reasonably priced. At least I can afford ONE part of the outfit, then: two, if you include the shoes!


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