Penny Loves Kenny ‘Dwight’ platform sandals with ankle bow

Penny Loves Kenny bow wedges

Penny Loves Kenny ‘Dwight’ wedges, $80.32

Is it too late in the season to be thinking about sandals?

Wait, what am saying? It’s NEVER too late (or too early, for that matter) to be thinking about sandals, is it? After all, it’s always sunny somewhere in the world…

These beautiful, bright wedges are by Penny Loves Kenny, and I’m actually kind of glad I didn’t come across them earlier this year, because I’d have instantly wanted to buy them. Probably in both of the colours shown above, although, the black and “bone” versions which are also available are pretty cute, too.

It goes without saying, really, but it’s that giant bow on the ankle which really makes these stand out: it’s a particularly oversized, jaunty little bow, and I absolutely love it. Also – and I could be wrong about this – but if you worry about the dreaded “cankles” in abkle-strap shoes, these bows just might help hide them…

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