Narciso Rogriguez ‘Cognac’ leather pumps

tan leather stilettos

Narciso Rogriguez ‘Cognac‘, £520

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of tan or brown pointed pumps for a while now. The fact that I don’t already own such a shoe is a pretty shocking admission for a shoeperhero: after all, I’ve long maintained that tan shoes work with almost everything, and it’s such a truly classic colour that it’s a real “must have” – for me, at least.

These Narciso Rodriguez stilettos are just a little bit out of my price rage, at £520, but they’re the perfect colour, and a pretty amazing shape, too. The sharp, pointed toe and high stiletto heel gives them an almost dangerous look, while the cut-out at the heel adds interest, and creates a slightly vintage feel, too. I can imagine these being worn by the heroine in an old, black-and-white movie: you’d miss out on the wonderful colour, but you’d still get the full impact of the sophisticated shape. Although packed with old-fashioned glamour, however, I think the sheer height of these shoes, plus the sharpness of the toe, keeps the overall look fairly modern, making these easy to style, if not necessarily easy to walk in!

How to save these shoes?

“Sophisticated” is the word I used to describe these above, and while they could be worn casually (or as “casually” as you can manage with 5″ stilettos, which is to say “not very”: I think they’d look fantastic with skinny jeans and a sharply-tailored blazer, though, for a pulled-together take on “casual”.), I decided to go with an equally sophisticated look, in the form of a classic pencil skirt, camel coat (another must-have!) and sweater:

what to wear with tan shoes

Eudon Choi skirt // A.P.C. sweater // Carven coat // Andy Wolf glasses // 

Although this is a classic look, I gave it a contemporary twist with the leather skirt, in a gorgeous plum shade, which I think works really well with tan, as well as being very winter-appropriate.


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