ShoeperWoman’s week in shoes: end of May



Tue: New Look navy platforms | Wed: River Island navy peep toes | Thur: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Cherries shoes [outfit post here]

The end of the week seemed like the most logical time to look back at my week in shoes, so here’s the final three from this week. As you can see,  I’m just a few days into this project, and already I have one repeat, in the form of my beloved Lady Dragon Cherries shoes, which are definitely one of my favourite pairs of shoes. I have to say, I was a little less fond of them on Thursday, when I stupidly decided to go for a long walk in them: I do love these shoes, but the peep toe has a tendency to start to rub after a while, and because they’re plastic, there’s no “give” to them whatsoever – I must remember to take some band aids with me next time. (Or, you know, some more sensible shoes…)

Other than that, I seem to have been going through a bit of a navy phase this week. It’s one of my favourite shoe colours, especially at this time of year, when I tend to go heavy on the nautical look (when I’m not wearing those Cherries shoes, that is), so I suspect you’ll be seeing more of these, too!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

ShoeperWoman x


  • Yesssss, the shoe shots are back! I miss seeing everyone’s shoes since everyone finished their challenges, seeing other people’s collections was one of my favourite bits (though it did start a dangerous eBay habit! The number of times I’ve decided not to buy a pair of shoes, then see someone else wearing them and think ‘Actually….!’) I wonder whether other Shoepers might be interested in doing something similar in the absence of a new task? I might start a thread this weekend and see what happens.

    • I would be happy to host a weekly round-up of what everyone’s been wearing, although it would have to be a link-up style post, rather than the old-style round-ups where everyone emailed in photos, because that was just too time-consuming to put together unfortunately! If people were willing to post their roundups either on their own blogs or in the forum/facebook/twitter/whatever and then link up, though, that could work!

  • Well, I’ve been snapping my shoes this week, so I’ll start a thread in the forum this weekend and see if anyone else feels like joining in!

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