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It’s the end of another week, so it’s time to look back at my week in shoes, starting with…

Friday: Carvela ‘Australia’ peep toes, c/o Sarenza [buy them]

This is the second appearance already for these shoes, and you can expect to see them many more times before the summer is out: they’re definitely one of my most frequently-worn peep toes, to the extent that I actually bought a second pair of them to keep “in stock” for the inevitable day when these die on me and I’m forced to start searching for replacements! They’re really comfortable for such high heels, though, and the pink upper is close to skin-toned on me, so they work with just about anything. I wore these to my brother-in-law’s birthday dinner, and was running REALLY late, so had to choose an outfit in about 5 minutes flat. The fact that these shoes were the first thing I reached for in a hurry says a lot about how much I rely on them!

Saturday: Christian Louboutin ‘Piagalle’ 120 pumps

These are hands-down my favourite shoes right now, and another pair I would wear constantly if I could. I try to actively limit how often I wear them: not just so I can have a little more variety, but because I definitely couldn’t afford to buy a spare pair of these, so I worry a bit about damaging them. I’m a big believer in wearing shoes, rather than “keeping them for best”, though, so I try to strike a balance between enjoying them and not wearing them out needlessly. You can see the outfit I wore with these here.

Sunday: Timeless flat shoes c/o Spartoo [Buy them]

These are basically my slippers. On Sunday we had a lot of work to do at home, so other than my running shoes, which I wore to work out and run errands, these were all I wore!

Monday: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon heart shoes in gold

My very first pair of Lady Dragons will always hold a special place in my heart. Monday was a pretty rough day, so I wore these to cheer myself up.

Tuesday: River Island navy bow pumps

Another second appearance: I wore these last week, too, and they were perfectly comfortable. I should probably have known better than to wear them to walk miles around Edinburgh on the hottest day of the year, though, because by the end of the day they were REALLY hurting my feet:, and I was seriously regretting not putting a pair of flats in my bag. This is actually the second time I’ve stupidly worn these on days when I had a lot of walking to do, and have had my feet shredded as a result: hopefully this time I’ve learned my lesson!

Wednesday: Buffalo polka dot peep toes c/o Spartoo

Out to lunch on another lovely day, which gave me an opportunity to wear these cute little peep toes, which I feel like I don’t wear nearly often enough. I really love them, though, and although I normally dislike neon, I actually really like the pop of yellow on the heel and toe. This was a really hectic day, and I forgot to take a photo until late at night, so it came out really blurry: hopefully I’ll wear them again soon and get a better one!

Which brings me to Thursday, and the Best Mountain flats I posted about yesterday:

stripe shoes

I decided to wear these out and about for a short time yesterday, in a bid to wear them in a little before my holiday. I’m glad I did because having had the chance to wear them properly (i.e. other than just trying them on around the house) I suspect they’re going to need to stretch out a little more than I thought they would to make them totally comfortable. The right shoe in particular is putting a bit of pressure on the top of my foot, which would start to hurt if I wore them for a long time: hopefully a little more wear will do the trick, though, because as is always the way with flats, I think the size up would’ve been too big.

And that’s my week in shoes!

Anyone else up for a Week in Shoes challenge?

On my last roundup, Steph mentioned that she missed seeing everyone else’s shoes of the week and suggested that it might be fun for other Shoepers to join in with this project. I don’t, unfortunately, have the time to do weekly roundups like the ones I used to do in the second shoe challenge, but if anyone else wanted to do a similar project on their own blogs (or in the forum/on Facebook etc), I’d be happy to do a weekly linkup post where everyone could submit their links: if anyone’s interested in taking part in something like that, let me know – and if not, all that remains is for me to wish you all a happy weekend!

ShoeperWoman x


  • Wow, lots of neutrals for a summer week! And your feet look PAINED in Loubs! Granted, I cant even stand up in Pigalles (which I’ve tried to buy several times and even the sales people were like, you shouldnt).

  • I also thought you looked in pain in these Louboutin ! but you usually say there are confortable…

  • I’d be down with such a challenge, since I’m already doing it on Instagram anyway. Lately I’ve forgotten to put a weekly roundup online by the end of the week, but I guess I could try again. šŸ™‚

  • My blog is missing something shoe related since I finished my challenge. A week in shoes sounds great! I really like your new flats. I am in desperate need of a new pair, mine have turned into house shoes only. My hunt has begun…

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